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Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Children who live in poverty

how hard you ever thought that you had suffer?

Let us learn something from this little children.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Listen to Them

This was one of my student when i was doing my second practical last year. Every time, when i saw this one photo of him, it's creating a smile on my face. He is very young but i can tell you that he is just so energetic and playful. I love to teach my kids about discipline, yet still very concern about their needs and when they talk and ask something, i rather listen and answer them. Their stories, even most of the time, flying high beyond our imagination, we should always listen to them. Some adult rather say, they didn't know anything and sometimes neglecting those words their kids want to share. And according to the fact from the psychologies theories, this situation can make the kids feel rejected and yes, worse than this, its going to develop as a "toxic stress". A terms that was made popular by Eric Knudsen from Center of Developing Child, Harvard in one of his article review. I won't need to explain about the terms since it was obviously clear for us to understand the meaning.

We always make a different to the younger generations!

Sit and think.
Thanks for reading.

Friday, October 9, 2009

The marshmallow test

When i was enjoying myself viewing the 1 billion claim daily user website, i was accidentally found and clicked this video. I found that this video is very interesting, and since it was something to do with the children, i want to take the opportunity to post and share it in my blog. Have fun watching!

Physical Activity in Preschool

In order to develop the children physical skill, such activity like traditional games, doing action and dance while singing a song, manipulative play and so on are some of the example which really effect the physical developments. i had post some photos of Traditional Malaysian games which are very interesting and fun for the children to play either with their parents or friends. so, this time, i am very happy to share some more photo with you guys about physical activity in preschool which was taken by me and some colleagues during our school visit and practicum.

Developing the art senses at the early age.

developing hand-eye coordination

Never forget to do some fun stretching first, guys!

Shake it to the left, and shake it to the right!

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